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What is Pisco?

Pisco is a colorless grape brandy produced in winemaking regions of Peru. It is produced from fermented fresh grape juice musts via a strict but simple process. Only eight grapes are varietals allowed in the making of Pisco. Fermented grape juice musts are distilled in copper pot stills, rested in cement or steel tanks for 3-4 months (no wood aging), and then bottled.

Because Pisco contains no ingredients besides grapes, it retains naturally rich fruit aromas and flavors nuances. As a finished product, it presents an assertive and complex palate, with a velvety mouth feel and intoxicating aroma.

One taste of Pisco will transport you through the whole production process: from the fresh grape pressing, to fermentation and distillation.

History of Pisco Sour

The Pisco Sour originated in Lima, Peru, and was invented by Victor Vaughen Morris, an

American bartender in the early 1920s. Morris left the United States in 1903 to work in Cerro de Pasco, a city in central Peru. In 1916, he opened Morris’ Bar in Lima, and his saloon quickly became a popular spot for the Peruvian upper class and English-speaking


Enjoy a great Pisco Cocktail!

Pisco Sour $10.95
Pisco, fresh lime juice, homemade syrup, egg whites, bitters.

Chilcano Clásico $9.95
Pisco quebranta, lime juice, homemade syrup, ginger ale.

Maracuya Sour $10.95
Pisco, passion fruit puree, homemade syrup, egg whites, bitters.

Chicha Pisco Punch $10.95
Chicha infused Pisco, fresh lime juice, pineapple juice.

Chicha Morada Sour $10.95
Pisco, purple corn juice, homemade syrup, egg whites, bittters.

Maracuya y Albahaca $10.95
Pisco quebranta, passion fruit puree, fresh basil leaves, lime juice, homemade syrup, ginger ale.

Quinua Sour $11.95
Pisco, quinoa, homemade syrup, egg whites, bitters.

Urubamba $10.95
Pisco, muddled Strawberries, basil, fresh lime juice.

Fresa Sour $10.95
Pisco, strawberry fruit puree, homemade syrup, egg whites, bitters.

Piscojito $10.95
Pisco, ST. Germain, fresh lime juice, muddled Cucumber, Mint.

Capitan $9.95
Pisco, sweet vermouth, bitters.

Quebranta, Acholado y Mosto Verde